College Grad

2017-01-22 10:43:34 by Collis529

I have recently graduated from ECU as a Health Fitness Specialist and it feels great to be out. Yet I think I am going to go right back to school asap. 

I am still alive

2016-07-19 22:25:22 by Collis529

Hey I have been finishing up my degree which is why i haven't posted any new art. BUUUUUUUUUT, I have been able to work on my webcomic. To see the latest chapter check out this link.

Also leave a comment on the page and tell me what you think . 


2016-04-08 01:35:40 by Collis529

I have recently made a new account on comicfury. I am moving my comic from tumblr to comicfury. I will still post updates on my tumblr for Memoir. In addition I will post up some Memoir artwork up on tumblr soon. If anyone is interested or curious check it out at this link below.

Big news

2015-12-25 10:56:46 by Collis529

Hello and merry christmas newgrounds.

I am making a new webcomic called memoir if you are interested come check it out:


I am gonna win!

2015-04-16 23:20:32 by Collis529

So far after participating in draw with jazza's contest I really enjoyed joining an art contest. It felt great to see my art being posted up by someone else. Now I am going to aim to win a prize this time that is after he gets off his 2 week break.

Speed Drawings

2014-10-19 15:13:51 by Collis529

My most recent speed drawing are coming along nicely. I still have one of my old ones up there but I have done some new ones as well. Currently I am working on a three part speed drawing called TIHID Halloween special 2014. This current speed drawing has be awesome to work on and I will be happy to show the final results.

Movies taken down

2014-08-21 13:05:08 by Collis529

Okay gotta redo my speed art and make it better. For those of you who enjoy my speed art that I have done so far sorry your gonna have to wait. In the mean time you can still see my art on my page. 

Art after music

2014-08-10 23:54:24 by Collis529

I have recently started to listen to Chronamut, darkhydra1, and MrStr8face. As a whole there music got me to go back to an old piece of mine and redo it in another way. Thanks for the music you three.5004367_140772918722_Coltron-surge-station.png

Fan Art

2014-08-10 17:28:40 by Collis529

Recently saw Guradians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy so I decided I needed a new background for my computer.